Saturday, June 12, 2010

.....and everything under this sun is in tune!

This is a fragment of the ending of pink floyd´s masterpiece " Dark Side of the Moon".
The song name is Eclipse, one of my favorites. I can´t describe good enough how it feels to listen to this song after listening to the whole album. The ending, it gives me goosebumps. The words are so true.

Pink floyd starts in the sixties. With syd barret as a frontman. With psychodelic rock at its best. Many people dont lke this era of pink floyd. To those poeple I invite them to listen to Atronomy Domine on a roadtrip, preferably at night.Most likely you will change your opinion.
After Syd got good on acid, he had to leave, this would bring a change on pink floyd. Influenced by a now more important band member David Gilmour. This is when they changed to a more progresive rock. Starting the seventies. Any way, I cant write the whole story of this magnificent band, but if you´re interested:, this pretty much tells enough.

Often I am asked if this is my favorite band. Generally, my answer is only yes, with poeple who wouldn´t understand what a " favorite band" is for me.I only say yes, because I know I cant explain what I feel, cause I know not a lot of people have this, especially with music. But the truth is , they´re not my favorite band. A rock band for me is a band that makes me enjoy the music. I have many of those, old and new. But pink floyd I don´t only enjoy. I feel it. I live it. I trip it. This is why they´re not my favorite band. They´re more like my favorite "trippy, enoyable, necessary, gets me thinking,experience" that I can have on a regular basis. I don´t really know, it´s kind of hard to explain. I just love it.

If you are a little bit interested, please try it. What could go wrong?

I love life and Pink Floyd

Diego :)

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