Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hello and welcome. My name is diego, I am a Mexican. Proudly.

The reason I did this:

I kind of like writing, but have never done it properly and even less on internet. So I kind of like doing new things and figured , what the hell? Kind of that bad Jim Carrey movie where he has to say yes to everything. Kind of. Plus, its free.


Practically everything.I would love to know about the world and about the different people in it. All the cultures. I think its all beautiful and this globalization may not be good for the culture diversity but, good tools come from it, this blog is an example, and that is another reason I am starting to use this.This is why I would like to know about everything. Good things would be better, but good would not exist without bad so, everything is good.

I may not write much, but you may not read either, so, I guess we are even. Even Steven.

I love life :)


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